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In the distant future, we would not recognize the face of our planet. Bitter wars with billions of dead have left tremendous scars and scorched continents. Humankind was degenerated into their greatest enemy and was almost wiped out. There are post apocalyptic conditions. The world as we knew has become a common grave. Sorrow, misery and hunger accompany the daily life. Yet, people looked once into a bright future. Decades before, they have been united in peace and tolerance together. The world was combined as one nation and everyone lived in peacefully.

The story of before Silence begins, where everything will end. There is no happy end in this tale. The decline is unavoidable and although people know that, they want nothing else as to live. Nevertheless, how do you live in a dying world? Where can you find strength for meaning in an apparently senseless life? The characters of before Silence are with these questions and further ones confronted. In addition, these could not be differently: a single mum who has lost her children and almost herself; one grandson, who is driven by hate and rage to get retribution; a military experiment, which manhood does not understand; a girl, which was killed in an accident long time ago but nevertheless lives; or a woman who looked behind this world and became insane as she saw nothing than darkness; and many more ...

The crushing despair is ubiquitous and you may wonder … WHAT HAS HAPPENED?

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